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Experienced RV'ers know there is nothing more valuable than a good Extended Warranty. RV One Superstores, Inc. sells more Extended Warranty Contracts than others because of our Pricing and National Protection we provide.

Imagine buying an $80,000.00 Motor Home and only getting a ONE YEAR warranty! Hard to believe, but people do it. Problem with that is after just 12 months and maybe 24 months with the best brands... you're on your own. If a refrigerator breaks, that's $1,400. at least, if the AC goes, that's another $900. And a Service Call to your site... even more money. With an Extended Service Contract from RV One Superstores, Inc. ... that would all cost you NOTHING.

On site Service calls - COVERED. Replacement of Appliances - COVERED. Chassis issues - COVERED. Water Heater not working - COVERED... for up to 7 years!

The best part of all, even if you already own an RV you can buy an Extended Warranty from RV One Superstores, Inc. Of course they cost a little less when you buy it before you take delivery of your new unit, but they are available to everyone nonetheless.

Click Here To See Video Information On Extended Warranty Coverage

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